Writer/Producer – Winsome Lennon
Best Films Forward, LLC was established by Winsome Lennon (CEO and Founder) in August 2009. Ms. Lennon attended the New York Film Academy where she studied the intricacies of filmmaking. She has performed on stage, appeared in independent films, done voice-overs, written comedic scripts for video and radio, and acted as Line Producer and Producer for Independent films. Winsome has many years of experience as an Agent’s Assistant and Script Reader, and in 2019 she was honored to appear in Steven Spielberg's remake of WEST SIDE STORY.  Ms. Lennon is sought out by clients because of her writing skills and her ability to invite the audience into a story, while exposing the complexity of each character's personality.

Product Placement Manager – Stephen Suk
Stephen Suk is a highly effective manager with more than 20 years of sales, leadership, managerial, and business development experience.  He has structured deals with numerous companies throughout various industries and managed sales professionals across numerous states.  Stephen is experienced in customer specific sales growth and high customer retention based on margin growth strategies.

Actor/Consultant – Eugene Mishin
Eugene is an International Federation Body Building (IFBB) champion, and is currently in the IFBB Professional League.  In addition to being a former Mr. Russia, Mr. Europe, and Mr. Olympia competitor, he is a model, health coach, and talented actor who has appeared in movies like "Going in Style" (with Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain and Alan Arkin) and "Hustlers" (starring Jennifer Lopez).  His resume includes roles on Broadway, the TV Series "Gotham," 5 years on the hit STARZ series "Power," and his wonderfully comedic performance in "Applegate" commercials. 

Board Advisor – Dr. Iwuozo Obilo
Dr. Obilo is a distinguished Pediatrician with over 27 years of experience.  He came from humble beginnings, proudly served in the United States Military, and currently practices in New York and New Jersey.  Dr. Obilo is a supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a humanitarian, the recipient of many Philanthropic Awards, and in 2017 was on the Transition Committee under the category of Health, in preparation for the Governor Murphy Administration.  He brings awareness of Nollywood to our industry with positive messages through entertainment for children and adults.